Ho Ho Ho! Season Greetings my fellow Absolut Chocolat lovers. It's that time of the year to add some sparkle to your Christmas shopping with us.

Enjoy our first ever Christmas "MOLTEN CHOCOLATE PORCUPINE" set.

The delicious rich dark and white chocolate shards infused in our chocolate drink, available for both hot and cold will set you free to the world of comfort. The rich taste of chocolate goodness will make you ask for more!

Oh wait, not only that. We also have our "SCARLET CINAMMON CHURROS" best paired with our chocolat drink that will make you feel at home. I promise, you'll feel like Christmas came early this year and it's here to stay forever!

Churros and Chocolate, life at its best.

Grab it while it's still HOT!



Absolut Chocolat Sdn Bhd, a leading dessert brand
in Malaysia with 319K followers on Instagram and top reach followers of 20K followers on Facebook.

Absolut Chocolat came about out of common love for baking. Within the first two months of operation, the local brand started exporting out its
first product to Singapore and Brunei. In 5 months, the brand decided to grow local operations to have over 15 Sales agents serving both East and West Malaysia

The brand then expanded to over 50 Petronas outlets across Malaysia in the first year of Operations. In year 2018, the Brand opened its 1st commercial office at Medan Connaught and now the brand has expanded to a Factory located in Taman Bukit Serdang, both operation and management under one roof.